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The age of automation is rapidly approaching, countries like Korea, Singapore, Germany and Japan have embraced the robotic revolution and are reaping the benefits through increased efficiency and lower costs.


Whilst automation in these countries is disproportionately impacted by large industrial electronics, vehicle and semi-conductor companies such benefits are no longer the preserve of the world's largest companies.


Investment by these companies, increased competition and rapid innovation have led to a commoditisation of the core building blocks required to implement intelligent robotic systems.


Such systems can now be installed and operated at less than the cost of minimum  wage labour bringing the benefits to all manufacturers.

Boosting Efficiency


We believe automation at AI often get misrepresented.  At heart robots are about increasing efficiency and lowering costs, not replacing human labour.  McKinsey analysis highlights that for 62% of roles today, 30% of tasks can be fully automated whereas only 1% of roles can be fully automated today.  


Certainly, for the time being, effective automation is about mapping how intelligent robotic tools can be used to supplement your existing workforce.  Boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

Accessible, Affordable Automation


We recognise not everyone is a roboticist, machine learning expert or data scientists.  We have built a world class team  who are ready to assist you through every part of the process - from evaluation and business case through to execution and support.


We pride ourselves on our friendly and accessible approach - contact us now to kick start your automation journey today.

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