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Why PikPak?

We reliably reduce the cost of packing

PikPakTM automates end of line product packing for the fresh produce industry at less than the cost of minimum wage labour, utilising modern robotic, vision and software technology

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Our Solution

We provide production certainty

PikPakTM reduces the dependancy on manual labour for repetitive tasks; which, for our customers, is an increasingly expensive and scarce resource that is inhibiting their ability to deliver.

Focusing exclusively in food manufacturing, we listen to our customers and remove their biggest frictions through deployment of our proprietary robot and vision systems.  We have designed and built our systems with simplicity to ensure we fit comfortably within your pack house.

Unlike conventional integrators, we build, test, install, and service our own software and robotic systems. This gives us the ability to reduce complexity within the supply chain and drastically cut costs to compete with the price of minimum wage labour.

PikPakTM Highlights

We are designed for this market


Competitive against the cost of minimum wage labour


Small footprint that fits in tight packing halls


Intuitive operability with minimal training

Tray types

Compatible with most supermarket trays and cardboard boxes


Integrated QA/QC Systems

Capable of handling a variety of flow-wrapped and punnet products

PikPakTM Features

We offer a complete solution

Intelligent Leap Automation Robot

Designed, built and serviced by Leap Automation in the UK, our robot is capable of packing at up to 50 complete movements per minute. Picks Per Minute (ppm) are increased by lifting multiple products per movement.

Leap Daisy Robot

Custom Tooling

We extensively test our tooling on your exact products, not an approximate shape and size, giving you piece of mind in having the right tool for the job.

In most cases, the same tool can be used for the majority of your product line, reducing time between production runs.


Future Proof Software

Our software-led approach guarantees future proofing – new products can be added remotely giving you a robot that grows with your business.

Additional efficiency and pick improvements provide lifetime evolution.

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Automatic Tray Change

Compatible with the majority of Supermarket trays and cardboard boxes including Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose, ASDA, M&S, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl and Amazon.

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Intuitive User Interface

Simple and intuitive touchscreen can be operated with minimal training.

Products can be switched mid-shift without system restart, ensuring smooth production.

Rates and volumes are provided to give full production metrics and insight


Quality Control

We offer a range of machine vision enabled packages to provide you with robust quality assurance.

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PikPakTM is suitable for a wide range of applications.
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Our systems are designed for your specific products and we take a great deal of care and time to ensure that they meet your specification. Places remain in our 2022 production schedule but space is limited.

We’d be delighted to hear from you and understand your production issues, we can share a solution that’s closer and more affordable that you might think.

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